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Anastasia Turnbull
The heavy duty aluminum utilized for the construction of these lights makes them Exceedingly durable and can be used for practical demands as well as in self defense states. There are tons of tactical lights in the market. It creates a Exceedingly bright light and it have a battery which could last for rather a protracted second. The flashlight is made from pure aluminum. This torch is Instead popular and people concur this light is a great thing. The other torches also supply a minimal variety of lights That'sn't preferable. They are generally more streamlined than conventional Flashlights, emit Significantly more light, and are made with weapon-grade aluminum for best durability. Near your pocket knife, your tactical torch will be among the most crucial things in your EDC bag. It is the best flashlights you have ever used.
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Mai Sommerville
As a new small boss looking for financing, you may be crushed underneath the quantity of criteria that a Houston SBA lender uses to judge a loan. While I actually have discussed small business loan criteria before, I get the urge to dive a little deeper directly into specific aspect: owner equity. Also known as "skin in," owner equity in the industry is the core of any SBA loan application.
Leonia Sabo
Professional pool builders try to fulfill you and make it possible for what you want may be achieved. Regardless of how small or big the realm is and which kind of pool you would like installed, reputable companies could have answers for you.
Bernardo Crosby
Those who own beach type pools find that it is easy to preserve their pool water pristine with just a fast run of the automatic pool cleaner to neat and disinfect the main pool. It'll surely be an absolute delight for your kids to see birds visiting your outdoor areas and having a bath or will have a glass or two in the shallow part of your beach type pool which is not possible in case you have a standard pool.
Spencer Egleton
Swimming pool builders which can be reputed and have been in the business of constructing elegant pools for posh hotels and resorts are behind those magnificent pools and spas that a great number of locals and tourists alike are enjoying today.
Tynisha Sarbacher
For numerous, stone fireplaces building is acknowledged the skill of building these decorative and functional fireplaces is preferring comeback.
Patricia Mandolfo
When designing pool designs, homeowners cannot neglect its safety features. After all, you don't want something to occur to your children simply because they play near your pool.
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oscar scanido

October 22, 2016

Task 3 – Take Home Final Exam
Submission Due Date: 11.59pm, Monday, October 24, 2016 Total Marks: 50
1. Answer all five (4) questions in one MS Word document. 2. Submit your answers in one MS Word document through Blackboard no later than the submission day and time stated above. 3. You have from the day the exam is placed on Blackboard to answer the questions and submit them via Blackboard. 4. You may use Excel if you wish, however, your Excel outputs must be cut and pasted (or imported) into your MS Word document, DO NOT submit multiple documents. 5. Marks will be deducted for late submission in accordance with University policy. 6. Ensure your name and student number are on your submitted paper.

Assignment Help

Assignment Help
Question 1 (12 marks)
Juggernaut Holdings is introducing Product H, each of which requires 8 hours in production, 12 hours in assembly and 4 hours in despatch. Product H has direct (materials and labour) costs of $740 per unit.
The overhead costs and direct labour hours for the three production departments are: Production Assembly Despatch Overheads $432,000 $220,000 $140,000 Direct labour hours 12,000 10,000 7,000
The overhead costs have been traced to cost pools and cost drivers have been identified for each cost pool. The cost pools and their cost drivers are:
Cost pool Cost driver Order processing 100,000 25,000 customer orders Purchasing 200,000 10,000 Purchase orders Operations 450,000 60,000 direct labour hours Distribution 42,000 5,000 deliveries
400 units of Product H are produced. The product causes 1,000 customer orders, 700 purchase orders, 29,000 direct labour hours and 2,000 deliveries.
a. Calculate the total cost of each Product H using: i. Absorption costing using a business-wide overhead recovery rate (2 MARKS) ii. Absorption costing using departmental overhead rates (2 MARKS) iii. Activity-based costing (2 MARKS)
b. Explain the principles underlying the basis of calculation of each of the three above-mentioned methods and the most likely reasons for any similarity or difference between the results in applying the three methods in this case. (3 MARKS) c. Explain the overhead allocation problem. (3 MARKS) Question 2 (14 marks total) Greentown Industries sells its transport services at a range of prices to five different customer groups. The company has fixed costs of $150,000 per year. The average variable costs for each transport service, irrespective of customer group, is $7. The Table below shows the prices charged to each customer group and the quantity of transport services that are currently sold at that price. Customer group Selling price Quantity Multinational $19 13,000 Corporate $20 12,500 Small business $21 12,000 Government $22 11,000 Private $23 10,000 a. If the average selling price is $21, calculate the breakeven point in quantity and money terms and draw a rough sketch of a costvolume-profit (CVP) graph that shows the relationships between the elements of CVP. (7 marks) b. Calculate the optimum selling price for Greentown Industries and identify which customer group is most profitable. (4 marks) Use the following information to answer part (c) Assume that the maximum market demand for each customer group is 20,000 transport services at the same price as currently charged (see Table above). Also assume that Greentown's capacity limitation is 60,000 transport services. c. Based on the calculation of optimum selling prices in (b) above but with the capacity and demand assumptions taken into consideration, calculate the maximum profits that Greentown can earn and the customer mix and quantity by which that profit can be achieved. (3 marks)
Question 3 (12 marks) Mammoth Computing is considering an investment of $2.3 million in new equipment. The predicted cash inflows and outflows are: Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Capital investment -2,300,000 Inflows 800,000 1,000,000 1,200,000 1,100,000 900,000 Outflows -300,000 -250,000 -300,000 -400,000 -500,000 An alternative investment is for $2 million, the predicted cash inflows and outflows being: Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Capital investment -2,000,000 Inflows 700,000 900,000 1,100,000 1,000,000 800,000 Outflows -300,000 -250,000 -300,000 -400,000 -500,000 Mammoth depreciates its equipment over 5 years and uses a cost of capital of 12%.
a. For each of the investment alternatives, calculate the i. Net present value (2 MARKS) ii. Payback period (2 MARKS) iii. Accounting rate of return (on an average basis, not per year) (2 MARKS), and iv. Recommend, with reasons, which of the investment proposals should be approved. (2 MARKS) b. Compare and contrast net present value, payback and accounting rate of return as methods of capital investment appraisal. What are the strengths and limitations of each method? (4 MARKS) Question 4 (12 marks) Phonic Solutions PLC is considering creating a new division, which will require an investment in computer & telecommunications equipment of $10 million. The company has a cost of capital of 12%. The sales department has forecast sales for each of the next five years as follows: Year 1 $4 million Year 2 $6 million Year 3 $8 million Year 4 $6 million
Year 5 $4 million Operations staff have predicted the cost of sales as 30% of revenue. Rent and office expenses are $300,000 each year. Selling and administration salaries will be $400,000 in the first year increasing each year by 5%. Repairs & maintenance will be $100,000 in each of years 1 and 2, $200,000 in each of years 3 and 4, and $300,000 in year 5. The company depreciates its equipment over 4 years. a. Produce a i. Profit budget for each of the five years, showing both gross profit and operating profit; (2 MARKS) ii. Cash flow for each of the five years (2 MARKS), and iii. Apply a discounted cash flow technique and use this to recommend whether the new division and capital investment should proceed (2 MARKS). b. What does theory tell us about the strengths and limitations of budgeting and the discounted cash flow technique? (6 MARKS) .

Assignment Help

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Assignment Help
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Arnulfo Catinella
Your Pivot Point Trading Coach Register Here For 2016 sessions. How much time do you spend sitting in front of your computer trading EMini Futures on an average day?

, if it's more than 60 min.. there is a good chance you might be wishing you had more confidence in what you were seeing on your charts. As Your Trading Coach I would suggest that there is no need to sit there all day staring at your screens. We trade 30-60 min. at market open and are then usually finished for the day. Taking 2 1/2 to 3 points out of the market before turning off the charts is our business plan. The rest of the day is left then to do as we choose. Work smart, not hard.
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Anastasia Turnbull
Moreover, it is broadly regarded as the world's most glowing tactical flashlight. If you would rather recharge these lights, you will have to plug the entire unit in. It generates an exceptionally bright light and it possesses a battery which could last for quite a long minute. It places an excellent impact when you are in a very natural calamity. It's a great battery life. This torch is rather popular and folks agree this light is a good deal. It is not so much hard to learn the way to employ this wonderful flashlight. Near your pocket knife, your tactical torch will be among the most crucial things in your EDC bag. It can be challenging hunting for a dependable and long-lasting flashlight nowadays. It is going to be the preceding flashlight you are ever going to need. It's a flashlight with bunches of of press, a good deal of buzzes, and a lot of questions that consistently follow that attention.
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Jerald Myra
Is an experience entrepreneur, Kevin was looking for a lender that understood his vision for the business. After meeting with me and your business lending team, Kevin liked the aspects of a small company loan and appreciated the welcoming feeling and hands-on approach of working on a smaller credit union as opposed to a large lending institution.

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